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Just a snack peak of 2022 and beyond

We would like to share with you all the things that happened during December 2021 holidays and latest developments thus far within the organization. This promises to be a good year for Baphumelele as there have been good developments in our projects.

On December 2021 holidays Baphumelele community had a big Christmas lunch which was sponsored by one of our good friends; they paid the hotel to do catering for children, staff, patients and volunteers. We had a 3 course meal, from starters, main course, deserts and we had enough food that lasted us beyond New Year as everything was in abundance. Children were dressed in new clothes and some of the donors even donated the school supplies, like stationery and the children were looking forward to wearing their new school uniforms in January when the schools reopened and this kind gesture boosted their self esteem, and their trust in life. Christmas presents such as grocery packs were distributed to employees as well as a little bit of money for them to buy electricity and other small necessities, to some it was a BIG surprise to get even chocolates too or to be given Christmas presents.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed, whether big or small, this makes a huge difference in children’s lives and staff, we are extremely grateful and treasure your contributions.

May you ALL continue to be a blessing to those who need support most. Siyabulela!! Thank you!!!

Latest developments in renovations of our facilities

As we reflect over last/this year, we are deeply grateful for the relationship with all of our partners — beneficiaries, stakeholders, community support groups, organizations and essential funders. Together, we continue our mission and vision of building healthy, resilient communities. The last few years due to the national Covid-19 lockdown have been tough, but it has unlocked the gratitude in our hearts. It has reminded us of the relationships and the moments of connection, humbleness, and kindness which truly matter. With you, supporting us as we work, we believe everything is going to be okay, We See You All!!!!!!!

It is with great excitement we see how our projects have been progressing in the midst of this pandemic, honestly, it is still like a dream to witness the progress unfolding in front of all the children, youth, patients and the community at large, our prayers have been answered triple fold. The Educare Centre is currently being renovated which means more classes are being built and it’s almost nearly/halfway to being completed, even though the construction was scheduled to be completed in 6 months’ time.

We would like to thank the parents of the children who have shown loyalty and patience with us by continuing to bring their children even though we don’t have enough space to practice social distancing in this period of Covid 19. The parents have shown faith in us and they can see the progress in the renovations of our facilities, and are very proud to walk pass the Educare building daily and are taking pictures of the progress thus far. May the mission and vision of this Educare continue for an indefinite period!!!

Baphumelele’s biggest wish is to renovate another building to be used as a library for the Educare while the builders are still on site, the Library will help the children in our Grade R to access the reading books, Thanks a million times to our friend and supporter for sharing the gift of life !! from all the orphans at Baphumelele village and the surroundings, they just can’t wait to touch, read, moreover all the children will be taught the benefits of reading which Improves the functioning of the brain, Builds vocabulary, Strengthens Writing Skills, and most of all Alleviates depression etc, we do invite all the people to donate the furniture like bookshelves, desks, kitchen utensils, long table for reading and the chairs etc, we do appreciate your help in advance of changing and touching the lives of all disadvantaged children in Khayelitsha and the surroundings .

The Respite / Hospice building is also being renovated and it should be finished by the end of April 2022.It will be a 22 bedded facility excluding the other two 16 bedded facilities that have been in operation since 2007, Therefore, the Respite Centre aims to continue its service of intermediate care in the community of Khayelitsha and the whole of Cape town. We continue to provide palliative post acute and rehabilitative services to all our HIV, TB and chronic illness patients, it appears from the number of increasing referrals from KDH that this service is growing monthly. After completion we will be able to accommodate 54 patients at once with the hope that in the next financial year 2023 we will be submitting our proposal to DoH for additional funding and create more and new work opportunities for our youth and experienced nurses, and moreover alleviating poverty to ALL in Khayelitsha and surroundings, We have made it again and again!!!!!!!.

It has been 15 years of saving lives at the Respite centre, more than 3500 plus patients has came to the Respite with no hope in stretchers and bedridden just knowing that they won’t make it in life, little did they know that they came to the “Healing place” where they will be discharged being healthy again, and through our dedicated staff, who are “called” to render this palliative care, most of the patients leave our premises with joy and a new zest for life.

New participants 2022

Baphumelele has become a beacon of hope to the community of Khayelitsha and has exceeded so many organizations by creating half a million work opportunities cutting across cultural groups, hence our goal is to reach 1000 mark of employment. We have managed to open new employment opportunities in 2022, we have added 65 new participants already in January to become part of our team and help us to continue doing the amazing work we have been doing for the children and the community. We now have a total of 582 staff employed by Baphumelele excluding volunteers. We take pride in this as it was not easy to retain the staff during this period of Covid pandemic, as we know most people in the country lost their jobs, other were retrenched by their organization but Baphumelele took strides to ensure that people retained their jobs and continued to create employment opportunities. Baphumelele wouldn’t have done this alone but with dear friends, donors and loyal supporting, we thank you all for holding our hands during hard times and good times. You have never forsaken us, Reya leboha haholo!!! Siyabulela!! Nangomso/Even tomorrow!!!

Baphumelele Soup kitchen

We have a soup kitchen that’s been running, we feed people in the community who are underprivileged. We are currently feeding more than 150 people daily, they get breakfast and lunch. We dish for breakfast at 10:00 and lunch is at 13:00.

As much as we are assisting the community, there are also challenges we’re faced with, sometimes the food runs out before everyone is fed, because of lots of people we’re feeding and this causes things to be a bit chaotic as people obviously get a bit frustrated as they have been waiting in the queue and eventually don’t get the meal they were anticipating. Sometimes people take two turns to dish as they want to save food for the evening to have it with their families, since we don’t provide evening meals. This cause conflicts between the staff that helps at the kitchen and community members as it result to food not being enough for everyone.

Most of the people who come to the Soup kitchen are people that are under prescribed medication. Sometimes the time they have to take their medication, especially in the mornings is before our breakfast time feed, as a result they get at the kitchen way too early before the food is ready and demand food as they need to take their medication. This causes conflicts between them and the soup kitchen staff. As much as we have all these challenges, it gives us pleasure to see the difference we making in the community. Thank you to ALL who have supported this kitchen through thick and thin, we are fully operational daily because of YOU ALL !!!, due to great demand we started this year January 2022 to do the feeding also every Saturday, our friends in Grassy park are cooking breyani mix about 3 big pots( 100liter x3 ) and we feed 750 plus children, youth, grannies and grandpas, which is a very moving scene to watch because majority of them come very early to be the first to get more hence bringing grandkids too to queue so that they will have supper and leave a little to eat on Sunday. Some of these people depend entirely on the food we are serving, it is the only warm food they are getting daily. Bless You All!!!

School shoes campaign 2022

Schools have now re-opened and children are excited to be back in classes. The need for school shoes is of importance as they will now attend classes on a daily basis and the government phased out the abnormal attendance. We challenge everyone to donate a pair of school shoes as we have children who still don’t have school shoes. We are coming back again to you to ask you to please help these children who were abandoned while still young, let’s all help them out with school shoes and all sizes are welcomed because the classes starts from grade R to grade 12. Let us bring back their smile and dignity and trust in life, it is you and me that can make a huge difference in these children’s lives. Thank you in advance for making such a contribution.Siyabulela!!!!!!!

It is people like YOU who will definitely touch their hearts and give them assurance of looking forward to their bright future, who will put that spark in their young lives and shine the light so that they could be advocate for other orphans like them. Make a mark while you still can please!!!!


Our new library is almost done; we are blessed to have received help from one of our special friends who came on the 07th of February 2022 to paint the library inside and outside.

There are 15 000 books, 10 computers and Tablets that have been recently shipped from America, which will be used at the library. We are thankful for this contribution.

On 08 February 2022 it was a special day as one of our donors graced us with their presence and distributed sandwiches and teddy bears for the kids. This brought a huge smile on their faces.Thumamina/ Send Me to go and make a difference!!!

To the Grounds men 2022

This year we have been blessed with 10 dedicated men to beautify Baphumelele as a whole, Dabula street and the neighbor-hood, they have joined us through EPWP and getting stipends, way below the breadline and sometimes as their Manager I do feel embarrassed when looking at the work they are doing daily against the stipend they are getting, it is my wish to keep them for long after the three months period which is due now in March 2022, around the corner indeed!!!, Dear friends, Lets join hands to keep them at Baphumelele so that they can be able to support their families by contributing towards their monthly overall stipend of R30, 000, any donation towards these men will be highly appreciated, I know YOU can do it !! They are having 40 children amongst them who are benefiting from their stipends. Please, please sponsor them!!

We are consistently amazed by their performance daily even though they are young and energetic Thank you for bringing a smile to everyone on the team for turning this place to a paradise; it always boosts our spirits when we see the cleanliness everywhere around, Keep up the great work!!!! Thank you!

“Indeed Employees like you ALL make the organization what it is today. Thank you ALL for bringing your best to work every single day”.


Thank you a million times for taking your time to read through our newsletter, Enkosi/ Thank you/Reya leboha !!!

BAPHUMELELE WALDORF NPC Z 118 Dabula Street, Khayelitsha 7784,

South Africa

+27 (0)21 361 8631, fax +27 (0)21 361 2695

Section 21 Registration Number – 1995/007799/08

Department of Social Services and Poverty Alleviation - Reg. No. 1551122 C7531 Public Benefit Organization (PBO) Reference Number: 930019697

Non-profit (NPO) Reference Number: 051-418


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