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Newsletter Baphumelele January 2020

Welcome to our monthly newsletter which contains the following information; photos and updates on all our projects which occurred during the months of January. We hope you enjoy it.


In the beginning months of this year, we are lucky to have 3 volunteers. Our two German volunteers, Mia and Connor, are continuing this year after starting last September and have been joined by our UK volunteer Megan, who will be with us for the next couple of months. During their time here they will be running a mixture of workshops, helping with administration, and working alongside the workers on the farm and in the soap factory.

Registering for School

As we know in our country, January is the beginning of the school year. That is why it is important for us to ensure that all Youth who need to enrol and register for School do so in this critical month. The Fountain of Hope strongly believes in the importance of education and that is why we encourage and support the Youth through the process.

Nantes Skate Park Outing

During the month of January, we introduced the idea of excursions that the youth could enjoy. The first of these excursions was to Nantes Skate Park. The intention of these excursions is so that the Youth can spend time and have new life experiences with the volunteers outside of the workshops and charity programmes. During the outing to the skate park the youth enjoyed learning how to skate as well as partaking in photography. This excursion was such a success that we intend to continue our trips to Nantes Skate Park along with other exciting trips out.

German Lessons

January signalled the start of our German lessons with the youth. This is the first of the workshops that are being implemented this year. The aim of these sessions is to introduce them to the language and teach them valuable vocabulary and knowledge so that they can possibly use it in the future. The lessons take place every Thursday and involve two hours of study in the morning. We plan to continue these lessons for several months while our two German Volunteers are here.

Soap collection

The first soap delivery of 2020 arrived this month. We are still fortunate to be partnered with the same fantastic hotels as previous years. This month we had a delivery of a grand total of 109.825 Kg of soap from our partners. The donations were received from: GrandWest Casino Hotel, Protea Marriotts Hotel in Sea Point, Commodore Hotel and Potswood Hotel. We are looking forward to distributing our recycled soap when it is done and ready. 😊

Monthly Staff meetings

Based on the success of our staff meetings last year, we are continuing the trend of hosting monthly staff meetings in 2020. This year we started out by analysing the previous years successes and areas of improvement so that we can continue to grow and improve. The staff have also created a plan for the year, expectations and work that everyone will be participating in.

Working Alongside The Community

In 2020 we are continuing to employ people to work here at the Fountain of Hope from the nearby informal settlements of the Schaapkraal area, including Egoli, and Phumlani. Our workers take on several roles including working in the Soap factory, on the Farm and conducting Security on our premises. We do this to uphold our Mission Statement which states:

Baphumelele Waldorf association aims to provide education, support, empowerment and care to people from all walks of life so that they can become advocates of positive change in their communities.


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