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Newsletter Baphumelele December 2020

Let us be the first ones to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy and a prosperous New Year we do hope that 2021 won’t bring the same challenges that we encountered in 2020 and that it will be a year of restoration and healing to so many people. We hope that Friends and supporters of Baphumelele will visit and bless us in so many ways that’s our prayer because “Good friends are like stars you don’t always see them but you always know that they are there when you need them most.” Come and lend us a hand!

Covid-19 brought many challenges it has brought us to our knees. We have challenges with funding, let alone the poverty created by this pandemic but through it all our Friends and supporters have managed to help us survive the unforeseen, unbearable circumstances, a new life to wear masks, wash hands, sanitizing, social distancing it broke the culture of shaking hands, hugging had to be abandoned, visitation was limited hence if you cough or sneeze people will run away from you and your family, tough life now is embedded in young and old. Some of them supported us through donations in order that we may keep our lights on, and some donated their valuable art works to sell so that we can be able to sustain our organization. It is our plea to all of you to look at these valuable art works by famous artists, some of them are well known in their field and some are unknown but all of the art work has been valued and priced by an established art gallery in Stellenbosch and some of our art pieces have been sold by the Art gallery.

Please take a glimpse of all the artwork and make an offer to support these children. The artwork is already packed and sealed waiting for you to make an order. We will be able to send the artworks your way if you are able to make an offer.

May we all make a better Christmas for all these children and join hands to make this 2020 Christmas the best Christmas ever, so that we can get rid of all the anxieties and the challenges that this year has brought us by buying the beautiful artworks so that you can cherish and admire them in your own homes.

Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times and kindly note that our organization is open throughout the festive season and beyond!!! Enkosi kakhulu!!!

The Team of Baphumelele

From left to right:

Rosie Mashale Tammy Van De Host Managing Director and Founder Finance Manager Bukhosibakhe Mpalweni Othandwayo Papiyana Human Resource Manager Office Administrator Nomasundu Xhelo Bukiwe Kani

Human Resource Assistant Intern Child headed Program Co-ordinator

Aphelele Loleka

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Art Work Gallery

Guess who came to visit us? It’s our friends from Switzerland…

Jonny Fischer and Michi Angehrn from Switzerland visited Rosie, her team and the kids from Bamphumelele. Thank you both and Ubungani Suisse for your support.

Christmas came early for Child headed; they were blessed with toiletries from South point Church


Z 118 Dabula Street, Khayelitsha 7784, South Africa

+27 (0)21 361 8631, fax +27 (0)21 361 2695 /

NPC Number – 95-07799

Public Benefit Organization (PBO) Reference Number: 930019697

Non-profit (NPO) Reference Number: 051-418


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